AIA Cargo announces exclusive GSSA partnership with Hainan Airlines

Mar 27, 2024

Exciting news for the UK and Ireland as AIA Cargo and Hainan Airlines join forces to offer enhanced cargo options to China.

Overview of the Partnership

AIA Cargo and Hainan Airlines have announced an exclusive partnership for their UK and Ireland offices, starting from April 1st.

This partnership will provide customers with a range of new opportunities, as it opens up multiple routes from London Heathrow, Dublin, Manchester, and Edinburgh to various destinations in China.

Both AIA Cargo and Hainan Airlines are renowned for their commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality services.

By combining their expertise and resources, they aim to offer an exceptional cargo solution between the UK and Ireland and China.

This a new and exciting milestone for AIA’s expansion to work with one of the leading Chinese carriers. The team is looking forward to working closely with Hainan Airlines with more to come with our Europe offices in the future.” – Nina Bruce, Far East Commercial and Network Development Manager, AIA Cargo

Flight Routes and Destinations

AIA Cargo is delighted to inform you that the upcoming destinations in China will be catered to by themselves. These destinations include XIY, CSX, TAO, PEK, and TSN, they have broken this down by each departure location and destination below:

Departure Destination
London Heathrow XIY, TSN, CSX, TAO
Dublin PEK
Manchester PEK
Edinburgh (Launching 17th May) PEK

Capacity and Frequency

This partnership allows AIA Cargo to have full control over the capacity across all lanes listed below, in addition to these, there will be a range of onward capabilities for shipments going onto other destinations via China and Asia.

Departure Destination Weekly Flights
London Heathrow XIY – TSN 2 (Days 5 & 7)
London Heathrow CKG 2 (Days 3 & 6)
London Heathrow CSX – HAK 2 ( Days 1 & 5)
London Heathrow TAO 2 (Days 1 & 5)
Dublin PEK 2 (Days 2 & 6)
Manchester PEK 2 (Days 4 & 7)
Edinburgh (Launching 17th May) PEK 2 (Days 1 & 5)

Customers can expect to see an increase in weekly flights for the Summer schedule offering a wider range of flight options, ensuring flexibility in when cargo needs to arrive in China.

Booking Information

To book your cargo with AIA Cargo and Hainan Airlines, customers can visit their easy-to-use booking system, or contact either AIA UK or Ireland.



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